Boyds Bay Planning has the ability to bring your project to life!

The landscape planning of your project must consider a diverse range of subjects and related industries. We have a detailed understanding on the landscape planning polices for local governments across Australia.


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Project Management & Administration

Our Accomplished Team enjoy the opportunity to provide project management & administration key components to ensure project management responsibilities & objectives are achieved.  Such project objectives include:-


  • Creating clear & attainable project objectives
  • Building the project requirements
  • Managing constraints – Project site, environmental contention, cost, time, scope & quality


Management & Administration components (includes but is not limited to):


  • Inspection, quality assurance procedures and adaptive management of the landscape construction work
  • Sub grade preparation inspections
  • Planting and turf areas preparation inspections
  • Planting installation quality, type and locations
  • Irrigation commissioning and defects testing
  • Final compliance review and inspections
  • Provide as constructed drawings and notification of practical completion
  • Confirm commencement of establishment & maintenance periods
  • Provide inspection report at the required specified intervals
  • Arrange handover and provide copies of ‘as constructed’ drawings
  • Provide final inspection report of hardscapes and irrigation items
  • Provide project administration and quality assessment review
Detailed Landscape Construction Plans

Our Planning Department has intrinsic knowledge of the construction process, material specifications and construction costs and planning laws. It is this combination and integration that produces clear and accurate construction Plans produced using our AutoCAD drafting skills


These plans provide for:


  • Clear and effective on site communication tools
  • Defined Bill Of quantities
  • Detail for Operational Works Approval Applications
  • Detailed construction specifications
  • Cross sections and elevations
  • Accurate costs
Landscape Master Plans

Mater Planning requires true integration of many associated and influencing factors, these planning considerations.


  • The existing site and surrounds
  • Local influencing factors
  • Existing landscape features
  • Noise mitigation
  • Visual buffering
  • Micro climates
  • Theme and style
  • Function
  • User groups
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Marketability
  • Investment requirements
  • Fire risk
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Local planning laws
Landscape Concept Plans

THE USE OF OUR concept planning services allows ideas and communication to be effective. These coloured and graphically presented images and plans maintain project direction and allow stakeholder communication. They allow for common themes to be developed and preliminary cost estimates to be established prior to detail design stage.




Utilising the skills and experience of our design team we can provide a virtual tour of your building project from the internals to external construction areas including your landscape themes down to species and material types. This allows you a virtual walkthrough experience of your project so you have peace of mind with the direction of your investment.

Maintenance Management Plans

Our qualified planners are dedicated to providing Maintenance Management Plans (MMP), with clear & detailed measures defining specific Council & Australian Standards.

Our MMP provides a specific documentation & illustration of how an open space area dedicated to Council will be managed from the time of initial construction through to the “on going maintenance” period (Council owned).


Maintenance Management Plans of open space includes:


  • Project Area Plan
  • Define the Maintenance Zones
  • Define the Maintenance Activities
  • Site Specific Monitoring Reports
  • Adaptive management expectations
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Maintenance Costing
  • Prepare cost estimates for the implantation of the management plans and associated works, including maintenance cost projections (CPI Index at 3.6%)
  • Asset Protection Zone (APZ)
  • Monitoring Inspection forms
  • Maintenance scheduling & periods
Entrance Statements

ENTRY STATEMENTS are an intriguing element of landscape planning. Entry Statements mark and define the entry to a property, establishment or an estate.  They enhance the character of streetscapes and improve legibility and orientation to the local residency & visitors.


  • Entry Statements can be constructed simply – using vegetation and pavement


  • Elaborately –  fences, walls, gates, fountains, statues, special night and effects lighting and artworks and often with identification signage incorporated into the entry statement


ENTRY STATEMENT COMPONENTS (includes but is not limited to):


  • Proposed landscape form and layout (aspect)
  • Proposed hardscape items – fences, walls, gates, fountains, statues, special night and effects lighting and artworks
  • Landscape images (Artist Impressions)
  • Plant schedules
  • Pedestrian access
  • Fences and screens
  • Identification signage
Open Space & Recreation Plans

Open Space Management Plans require our consultants to have a proven and detailed understanding of a wide range of professions. The understanding on how the different consultant reports will effect the proposed open space and park areas this includes interpreting;


  • Civil Engineering Plans
  • Hydrological Engineering Plans
  • Contaminated Land Reports
  • Fire Management Plans
  • Ecological Assessments
  • Tree Management Plans
  • Anthropocentric Reports
  • Slope Analysis Plans
  • Construction Plans
  • Recreation Plans
  • Council specific planning policies


Our team’s ability to provide this complete planning and assessment process ensures that the open space areas achieve an integrated multiuse function that maximises the efficiency of the planning process, the economic returns and the environmental outcomes of your project.