CHILTERN HUNT AZURE: Vista Estate Terranora


Chiltern Hunt Azure

Project Name

Vista Estate Terranora

Date Complete



Donna Harrison



About This Project

Residential Subdivision, Development, Planning

Project Scope:


  • Provide a sustainable landscape
  • Utilising and if at all enhancing existing view lines
  • Design difficult steep batters with a visually appealing landscape
  • Provide a unique and picturesque landscape encompassing the existing context
  • Design a landscape using existing site features like boulder rocks
  • Create a visually modern with a rustic twist entry statement including signage and lighting


Planning Elements:

  • Planning applications
  • Site surveys
  • Integration with other planning consultants including Tweed Shire Council
  • Engineers
  • Geotechnics
  • Town planners
  • Detailed Planning
  • Client / time frame management
  • Construction input