HUTCHINSON: Arena Apartments



Project Name

Arena Apartments


Land Development, Landscaping

About This Project

Hutchinson Builders contracted Boyds Bay Landscaping to undertake all softscapes of this stunning new inner city apartment building.Of a chic contemporary design, Arena targets the young professional city dweller with its timber and stone elements, and prestige location in downtown Brisbane.To compliment the modern elements of such a design, Boyds Bay Landscaping installed planter boxes from ground level to floor 6 incorporating hardy low maintenance plants, complete with drip line irrigation system.

Whilst our scope of works included the need to pump substantial quantities of soil, due to the bustling location and presence of various other trades this presented significant logistical challenges. However, working in small segments at a time, and with consistent communication with the builder, we successfully managed the landscaping component of the project.


‘Scope of Works’ included:

  • Pumping of soil mix, including supply of planter soil, into raised planters of varying depths
  • Topsoil
  • Turf Soil
  • Bark Mulch
  • Draincell
  • Drainage sand layer over drain cell
  • Plants & trees
  • Design and construct irrigation drip system to all lawn and garden locations
  • Streetscape Council Verge Work
  • Root control barrier
  • Rooftop Pebble
  • Washed River Pebble
  • Geofabric layer under pebble to protect water proofing
  • PLUS Maintenance for 12 months