Landscaping Nightscapes

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Everyone knows that landscaping improves the value and visual appeal of a development, so why settle for only 10 hours of landscaping benefits each day when you can have 24/7?  By adding strategically positioned lights, your landscape transforms into two landscapes, a lightscape by day versus a nightscape after dark.

Nightscaping is a new trend that is becoming more popular, perhaps just as popular as landscaping itself.  Nightscaping not only improves the value and effectiveness of your landscape, but highlights feature elements of your scape such as walls, trees, sculptures and water features.  From path lights to up-lighting to down-lighting, LEDs to solar, outdoor lighting can turn an ordinary development into an illuminated wonder, further enhancing its value and market appeal.

The idea of nightscaping is simple, but it involves more than simply placing lights in random places. Just as landscaping requires proper planning, so too does nightscaping.

Boyds Bay Landscaping frequently feature nightscapes in our landscaping projects, most recently these have included:- Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Tannum Blue Estate, Cardwell Foreshore Redevelopment, and Barney Point Foreshore Redevelopment.


  • Aesthetic value after the sun goes down
  • Enhances your development at night
  • Deters tresspassers from approaching your property at night
  • Improves the value of your development, extending it’s appeal 24/7
  • Perfect way to accentuate landscaping and hardscaping features


  • Purpose of lights: Do you want to light up your entry wall to showcase your development to night traffic? Or maybe a well-lit path? Lights can also be used to highlight certain features such as a pond, sculpture or tree.
  • Power supply: High-end lighting systems may run on electrical power and require professional installation. Other lights are solar powered and use energy from the sun.